The 6 Types of Cufflinks You Can Buy to Upgrade Your Outfit

If you’re already wearing the finest suit in town, then you probably own a pair of cufflinks, since a suit is never complete without one. However, have you ever considered wearing cufflinks with more casual outfits, such as in a denim jacket? In theory, you can put cufflinks into any shirt you want to wear for that extra flair—given that your tailor can do it, of course.

Before you go upgrading your outfits with your cufflinks, know that there are many different types of cufflinks out on the market, and it pays to know what the different types are for you to figure out which one will best fit your taste in fashion. Here are the different types of cufflinks you can buy: 

  1. Chain link

As the name implies, a chain link cufflink is two heads connected by a short chain. While the chain itself serves the function of keeping the two heads attached, it also serves as a decorative purpose. Also, because of the chains, this type of cufflink offers a looser style than some people would like.

  1. Whale Back

Whaleback cufflinks got their name thanks to their curved tail, as it looks like a whale. This tail also closes on itself, making it flat and allowing the cufflink to be attached easily. The simplicity of its use makes it a favourable cufflink for many and is consequently one of the most used types of cufflink you can find.

  1. Toggle and Bullet Back

These types of cufflinks are similar to the whaleback cufflinks we mentioned previously. They are also just as popular, meaning that they are among the more common types of cufflinks and can be easily found. The difference between the toggle and bullet back type of cufflink compared to the whaleback cufflink, however, is that the post of the toggle and bullet back cufflink is hollower, and the locking mechanism is nested within the middle shaft, where it is placed through the buttonhole and opened to lock it in place. 

  1. Stud

Stud cufflinks also have a straight post. However, their locking mechanism includes a small head as opposed to the larger head, where you will fit it into the buttonhole at an angle. Thanks to this mechanism, stud cufflinks are the most secure type of cufflinks. So, if you want a cufflink that you can rely on to never come off, stud cufflinks are a safe choice.

  1. Locking Dual-Action

Locking dual-actions might be a little more complicated to use than the other cufflinks here. However, like with all things, once you understand how they work, they become easy to use. Generally, to put them through the cuff hole, you will open the cufflink to slip the smaller end through. Once in, the cufflink can be closed, effectively locking it into place.

  1. Ball Return 

Ball return cufflinks have balls that are opposite of the head, where it is used to push through the buttonhole to fix the cufflink in place. Like chain links, they allow for looser cuffs, but not as loose as the chain cufflinks. While this type of cufflink is not the most secure in the world, it is mostly used for fashion, since the ball itself can be made with different materials that include precious metals. 


There are many types of cufflinks out there, and the types we’ve listed here are merely the most popular. That said, note that each of these types of cufflink can be made with e different types of material, making your choices much more diverse.

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