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Which Diamond & Metal looks Best with Your Outfits

Luxury cufflinks, although subtle, greatly affects the appearance of the man wearing. However, unlike women’s jewellery, men’s jewellery is rarely talked about. Hence, it is hard for men to look and shop for high-quality jewellery like cufflinks. To help gentlemen find the perfect cufflink for their formal wear, here are some guides on choosing diamonds and metal for cufflinks: Choosing the Diamond: The sparkle of the diamond will depend on its 4C’s features, which are colour, cut, clarity, and carat. Plus, the setting of the diamond. Each of these features impacts how the diamond will look like when worn. However, in this section, only the shape, colour, and setting will be discussed, which are significantly important for this piece of...

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How You Can Take Care of Your Cufflinks

When it comes to pulling off a certain look, it all boils down to wearing the right outfit and ensuring that they complement each other. Yet, did you know that even the smallest of details can make a difference in your overall appearance, whether positively or negatively? A cufflink, for example, is a vital piece to complete your stylish wardrobe. In fact, it can easily and quickly be the accessory that can take your sophistication and class to the next level Whether it is diamond, gold, or other luxury cufflinks, they should properly be taken care of to ensure that they look perfect and will last for as long as possible. In this article, we will share with you a...

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How to pair Cufflinks with your Outfit

A formal attire’s look can appear awful with just the right amount of tiny details. It can range from something obvious, such as a mismatched pair of footwear and socks to something more subtle like a loose seam of thread. When it comes to dressing to impress, keep in mind that it’s the little details that can unexpectedly ruin your look. One of the pressing issues of wearing dress shirts is the messy and informal look of having wrinkles. No amount of ironing can deal with the unsightly look of loose clothing. The cuff on a dress shirt varies depending on the type, which is what makes flattening these annoying shirt wrinkles different every time. Dressing with cufflinks Cufflinks are...

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How to Choose the Right Cufflinks for Your Personal Style

For the smartly dressed and fashionable man, luxury cufflinks are a staple accent. Whether you’re picking one out for yourself or sending one to a friend as a gift, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of options nowadays. Take a look at these factors to consider when picking out the perfect cufflinks. What’s the Occasion? Most people shop for cufflinks to go with an outfit meant for a specific occasion. Though a great way to enhance the look of your dress shirt, not every cufflink is appropriate for events that you attend. If you’re heading to a wedding, for example, you’ll want to choose a pair of designer cufflinks that match the theme of the ceremony and reception. You’ll want...

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What You Need to Know About Shirt Cuffs

People prefer to have options, and when it comes to fashion, personalisation is a lot more prominent. As fashion is a form of self-expression, many people like to customise their pieces of clothing. Shirt cuffs are a great way to show your personality without overdoing it. Since there are many different styles, you want to understand what exactly your shirt’s cuff style is adding to your overall image. Here are the different styles of shirt cuffs and what you need to know about them: Standard cuffs Standard cuffs, also known as straight or square cuffs, are the traditional, classic cuff style that is a go-to style for many people. Standard cuffs are usually worn for business and casual events. With...

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