Different Types of Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks are the all-in-one solution for keeping dress shirts tight and neat while providing a much-needed elegance and flair to any look. They are one of the limited options that men have when it comes to accessorising, with the other popular options being a flashy timepiece or ring. Though they’re small in size, their impact in terms of functionality and aesthetic accent makes them a versatile jewellery option for men. 

Choosing a cufflink for both look and function

Functionality isn’t the only part that matters with one’s clothing options. Though you can look as easily comfortable in the cold weather with a wool sweater, nothing beats the feel of cashmere material on the skin. Keep in mind that dressing up is equal with choosing what works and looks well to the wearer.

 Though varying cufflink designs work for one purpose, they achieve it differently through unique mechanisms and designs. In this article, we will share with you six different types of cufflinks that you can use for your attire:

Button links

One of the more popular options for casual cufflink wearers is the button link. Its easy-to-use function of two buttons connected by a thread makes for a comfortable look that can match any piece of clothing.

Silk knots

Silk knots are one of the few cufflink styles that don’t use metal. Don’t let their non-metallic look fool you; in reality, silk knots are one of the most expensive cufflink styles while appearing as one of the most casual options for wearers.

Bullet back

One of the most common designs of cufflinks is a popular choice for their easy to use design. The ‘bullet’ is a small cylinder placed in between two short bars attached to the face of the cufflink. Flipping the bullet allows the wearer to fasten their dress shirt cuff in place for a clean and wrinkle-free look.

A popular variant of the bullet back is the whaleback, which differs only in terms of shape by replacing the bullet with a whale tail.

Fixed back

The fixed back or double-sided cufflink have a large and small end that’s visible on both outside and inside the cuff. Know that cufflink aficionados prefer the double-sided look because they typically aim for a more balanced feel in their appearance.

Stud links 

Stud links are almost always the preferred option for black tie events, especially when they contain elegant yet unmissable gems, such as onyx or mother-of-pearl.

Chain Links

Chain link cufflinks add a sense of traditional look that’s incomparable to cufflinks that work through clamps and straps. The cufflink design is connected by a chain on one end while the opposite side works as an automatic fastener.


Men’s wear usually has limited options when it comes to buying accessories to add flair and elegance to their attire. They don’t have a wide variety of accessories and ornaments that women can choose from that ranges from bangles to necklaces to tiaras. Cufflinks make for a creative addition to a man’s arsenal of jewellery. With the various styles and designs to choose from, any man who invests in an extravagant attire can look to have an addition in their wardrobe’s composition.


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