Most Common Types of Silver you can find in Jewellery

While there are myriad metals used for jewellery, silver is regarded as one of the best in the business. Since ancient times, silver has been a valuable metal, not only for its scarcity but also for its beauty. Today, silver is used in a wide variety of jewellery designs. 

This is a positive thing for those looking to buy their favourite pieces that include silver in their design. At the same time, however, your job of figuring out the best silver jewellery for your partner has just become a lot tougher! In addition to this, the fact that there is more than one type of silver you can find makes your job a little more daunting.

To help you decide which silver to buy for your next piece of jewellery, here are the three most common types and how they differ.

  1. Pure Silver

Also known as fine silver, pure silver is an alloy that consists of at least 99.9 per cent silver. Because silver on its own is quite soft, it tends to be too weak to be used in jewellery that needs to be tough (eg. rings). For this reason, pure silver is used in jewellery like pendants and necklaces because they are mostly well-protected in the areas of the body they are typically worn.

In short, if you are looking to buy pure silver, note that they are not used in every piece of jewellery.

  1. Sterling Silver

If you are looking for an alloy that contains over 90 per cent silver but is much more durable than pure silver, then sterling silver is the type you are looking for. This is a type of silver alloy that combines the metal with another, such as copper. This combination adds strength without sacrificing any beauty. Plus, this alloy is quite low-maintenance. It takes minimal care to keep a piece of sterling silver jewellery shining brilliantly. In the event this kind of jewellery gets scratched or damaged, repairs are affordable and easy to come by. 

Thanks to all the above traits, sterling silver has become the standard of quality for many silver alloys that are currently available. However, this comes at a price—one that is higher than many people can afford. Because of this, those who purchase sterling silver jewellery only do so for special occasions.

  1. Silver Plates

As the name implies, silver plates are metal plates that have an extremely thin lining of silver applied to its surface. For this reason, it has a small ratio of silver to base metal. Silver-plated jewellery is still relatively popular because of its affordability and the ability to shine like other more expensive silver jewellery can.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to silver-plated jewellery. For example, it loses a lot of its initial value quite drastically over time. Not only that, but the jewellery undergoes discolouration as well. Because of this, many people will only buy silver-plated jewellery to hop onto fashion trends and the like. In other words, they will not wear the item for very long.


As you can see, different types of silver are used for different types of jewellery. You can far more easily decide what kind of silver jewellery you want according to the kind of silver you are interested in. At the same time, you now know what to expect when looking for specific pieces of silver jewellery in terms of its quality, price, and unique characteristics. 

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