What You Need to Know About Shirt Cuffs

People prefer to have options, and when it comes to fashion, personalisation is a lot more prominent. As fashion is a form of self-expression, many people like to customise their pieces of clothing.

Shirt cuffs are a great way to show your personality without overdoing it. Since there are many different styles, you want to understand what exactly your shirt’s cuff style is adding to your overall image.

Here are the different styles of shirt cuffs and what you need to know about them:

Standard cuffs

Standard cuffs, also known as straight or square cuffs, are the traditional, classic cuff style that is a go-to style for many people. Standard cuffs are usually worn for business and casual events. With this classic style, you have the option between one-button or two-button styles.

Two-button style cuffs

Two-button style cuffs are usually seen on casual attires. These cuffs are also worn for less formal gatherings wherein you can leave the lower button open for a more calm and composed look. 

Rounded cuffs

Sporting rounded cuffs will make your entire ensemble look more formal. The style adds a sense of tranquil elegance to the shirt, giving your whole look a lot more detail but doesn’t overdo it. The most noticeable feature of a rounded cuff is that the outside corner is shaped like an arc. 

Convertible cuffs

Convertible cuffs are known for their versatility. They give you the option to wear either a cufflink or regular buttons without having to switch shirts. Convertible cuffs are useful for same-day events. Just fold them back, and you have a different style for the evening.

Mitred cuff

These types of cuffs are known for the style of their cut. They are cut across at 45 degrees, making them look more formal and distinct from other styles. Mitred cuffs have two buttons, perfect for people looking for that strong, yet subtle look.

French cuff 

French cuffs are the most popular choice when it comes to formality. These cuffs extend longer than regular cuffs. They are folded in half and are secured with a cufflink. Wearers also have to option of either a square corner or a rounded one. French cufflinks are great in emphasising your elegance and suaveness, making it great for sophisticated events that require extreme finesse. 

Monogrammed shirt cuffs

These type of cuffs are among the most popular type of cuffs in the past as the markings are used for identification owners took them in for dry cleaning. Monogrammed cuffs have embroidery of a person’s initials, which adds to the overall design and while they’re not as popular nowadays, there’s still a number of people who prefer these cuffs. 

The embroidery brings a great accent to the whole ensemble, and its location depends on the wearer’s preference. That said, the embroidery needs to blend in with the shirt’s colour to keep it clean and sleek.


There are various kinds of cuff styles and now that you have an idea about how they look and what they’re best for, you’re ready to customise your shirts. Understanding them will enable you to mix and match your style even more effectively in the future. 

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