Which Diamond & Metal looks Best with Your Outfits

Luxury cufflinks, although subtle, greatly affects the appearance of the man wearing. However, unlike women’s jewellery, men’s jewellery is rarely talked about. Hence, it is hard for men to look and shop for high-quality jewellery like cufflinks.

To help gentlemen find the perfect cufflink for their formal wear, here are some guides on choosing diamonds and metal for cufflinks:

Choosing the Diamond:

The sparkle of the diamond will depend on its 4C’s features, which are colour, cut, clarity, and carat. Plus, the setting of the diamond. Each of these features impacts how the diamond will look like when worn.

However, in this section, only the shape, colour, and setting will be discussed, which are significantly important for this piece of men’s jewellery.


Even though cufflinks are relatively small, this piece can greatly affect an outfit. As such, choose the diamond shape that suits your style, attire, and personality. Unlike women’s jewellery, luxury cufflinks mostly use small diamonds.

Each shape of the diamond gives a different look. So, it is essential that you know how each shape influences your attire. Here are two of the most popular choices for diamond shapes:

  • Round diamonds: more suited for a sleek, modern look
  • Square or emerald-cut diamonds: gives off a more classic, timeless, or even vintage type of look


Colour represents a mood. When choosing a colour for diamond cufflinks, make sure that it reflects your fashion style. Additionally, the colour of your diamond can affect people’s perception of you. So, make sure to choose a colour that you can carry well.

  • White, bright diamonds: gives a very classy and expensive look
  • Coloured diamonds: gives a striking and unique look that expresses your personality

Unlike white diamonds, coloured diamonds are far rarer because these are mostly saved for women’s jewellery, such as necklaces, rings, and earrings.


The diamond setting refers to how the diamond will be attached to its holder. There are many types of diamond settings available in the market. However, pave and bezel are the popular choices for men’s diamond cufflinks because it has a smoother look and it doesn’t snag or tear. 

  • Pave setting: only a single diamond is attached to the metal
  • Bezel setting: multiple tiny pieces of diamonds are attached to the metal

Choosing the Metal:

The metal, in this case, refers to the material of your actual cufflink. You have plenty of options when choosing metals. However, not everything will fit your style. Make sure that you choose a metal that complements your outfit. Each type of metal has a different texture, hue, and light reflectance. 

Here are some of the popular choices:

  • Yellow gold: classic, and can easily catch the attention of people
  • Stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten: has high longevity and resists any hint of tarnish
  • Platinum, sterling silver, and white gold: gives a traditional silver hue look



The look and sparkle of your cufflink will depend on the materials that you choose. When choosing a diamond, you need to consider its shape, colour, and setting. When choosing a metal, you should select a one that speaks to your style and personality.

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